ROCASE 开启惊喜发现之旅

ROCASE-Discover your journey of Experience and Surprise


Every ROCASE property is a masterpiece

在ROCASE 人与人之间的气氛热情真醇 唤醒你的归属之意 并在你离开之后的岁月里刻刻铭记

At ROCASE, the intimacy and hospitality that connect people not only create a sense of belonging, but lasting memories

Rocase 执掌生活方式的前端趋势

Rocase-Lifestyle and design experience trends at the front

Rocase 呈现的是一种态度而非其外观 需要你用心感受

Rocase portrays an attitude and extraordinary image which requires you to feel

在任何一座Rocase 你将得到私人的体验而非传统提供的群体体验

Rocase brings you personalised experiences beyond the norm

Rocase 的创造性思维将激活你的感官来重新体验这个世界

Rocase's creative spirit will awaken your senses, bringing you new and unique life experiences

Rocase 突破常规的束縛 重新定义生活方式的美妙与精彩

Rocase redefines the norms, with new lifestyle expertises that are full of wonder and excitement

奢华 是内外兼修

Rocase-Luxury comes from not only what you see, but also from within

人们不想要千篇一律的衍生品 他们想要的是真真切切的创作

这就是藏在Rocase 背后的整个创意

Rocase 为不苟一格的灵魂准备的舞台

Rocase - the stage is set where the real you can be truly unleashed

Bask in the limelight.
Shine like a star, at ROCASE.
罗卡斯古运峰酒店预计 2020 开幕
the show is scheduled to open in 2020

The first flagship project of Rocase is located at the UNESCO world heritage site, the Grand Canal district of Wuxi, home to a dynamic blend of culture, history and modern living experiences.

While situated in such setting, ROCASE Boutique Hotel aims to deliver a unique and personalized experience. From the moment you arrive, the dynamic mood lighting and sound, the visual interiors and curated lifestyle experiences and events can be enjoyed by the guests. Through the different facilities we have to pamper you for an urban retreat. We hope to deliver the celebrity like experiences from the personalized and intimate spa, one of a kind fitness ,leisure and entertainment experiences, luxurious or trendy dining and bar nightlife, in room entertainment and lifestyle retreats that await the guests, creating unforgettable moments which will bring you back to revisit in one of the 10 other themed guest rooms and suites.

Rocase Boutique Hotel and Serviced Apartments is strategically located next to Nanchang Street of Wuxi’s attraction: UNESCO Heritage Site’s Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. The Grand Canal is one of China’s most important creations, and dates back almost close to the beginning of A.D. The Grand Canal connects Beijing and ends at Hangzhou which passes through Wuxi near the doorstep of Rocase. The tranquillity of the canal provides a breath-taking setting in the daytime and during the evening the glittering lights of the old city comes alive and lends a more sultry vibe to the district.

The pedestrian traffic of the tourism, leisure and retail area surrounding the site, reached an estimated approximate 28 million annual pedestrian foot traffic (comprised mainly of tourists) in 2016 according to Jiangsu Province Tourism Bureau. Located next to ROCASE Boutique Hotel and Serviced Apartments, is The Spectrum Shopping Mall, an indoor and outdoor shopping experience. Nearby landmarks include the ornate Miaoguang Temple of the Nanchang Buddhist Monastery, museum, banks and a short walk to the nearby Metro Station. At the same time, ROCASE and its associated Commercial Complex is surrounded by many other transportation means to get to other destinations easily, and due to ROCASE being situated in the heart of Wuxi City, most of the major shopping malls and commercial, entertainment and business destinations are a stone’s throw away.

ROCASE Serviced Apartments are dedicated to create an enjoyable experience of international lifestyle for executives in Wuxi and the surrounding areas. Our team members have taken the cultures and habits of our valued foreign guests into considerations, and at the same time encourages your integration into the bustling life of Wuxi as a local, which ROCASE Serviced Apartment guests enjoy being at the heart of the city center. ROCASE Serviced Apartments provides you the utmost relaxation and environment to let you recharge after a long day, and make your family feel at home.

For every guests and families with expectations of quality of life, our intimate care accommodates your international lifestyle, creating memorable and enjoyable moments of life. The spacious and thoughtfully equipped studios, 1 BR, 2 BR and 3 BR apartments cater to your comfort and lifestyle needs. Enjoy our pleasant and convenient living environment with our consistently sincere service.

In addition, ROCASE serviced apartments guests may enjoy comprehensive facilities of Food and beverage, fitness-pool , leisure, spa and more with the international boutique hotel concept standards in mind – such as to enjoy the international dining experience, and also comfortably revitalize the body and mind. At the same time, the international high-standard dining and bar environment in the boutique hotel and international cuisine in the shopping mall and surrounding, provides an enjoyable and relaxing social dining or meeting environment to catch up with friends and business acquaintances, to enhance the relationships in a familiar setting, and to relax and open up conversations. Here, you can enjoy the all-rounded international living experience.

ROCASE Serviced Apartments and Riviera Lifestyle Center will provide recommendations on a selection of local features as well as multinational experience, to allow every guest to customize their own lifestyle during their stay. A Luxury Lifestyle Collection of accommodation - ROCASE Serviced Apartments awaits you.

ROCASE BOUTIQUE HOTEL NO.33 Yongle East Road,Liangxi Distict,Wuxi City,Jiangsu Province,P.R.China 214000